Tactical War Simulation

The roots of the company are based on the work done to develop a tactical war simulation. The war simulation allows for realistic force on force modelling and is based on a tactical picture representation for the various operators.

Environment: Delphi

Status: The development was done for DENEL, and recently the core software was used by SAAB as a reference for their development of the Shaka Command and Control system sold to the South African Defence Force.

ETB Instructor Workstation

The Engineering Test Bed (ETB) supplied and commissioned by CAD is a full land-based submarine CMS and is used as an engineering reference system, and a command team trainer for the crew. Cybicom developed an instructor workstation to augment the standard command and control simulation with the parameters and configuration required for the synthetic image generation channels.

Environment: Delphi, C++
Status: The software is currently used as part of the ETB operated by the SAN. It is integral to the command team trainer for the submariners.


Cybicom developed the front end for the Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) system used by the South African Navy. The system uses the Luciad LightSpeed SDK and incorporates all the standard features required for an electronic tactical picture compilation. The MDA front end is, at its core, a command and control system with a significant track management aspect.

Environment: Luciad LightSpeed SDK, C++, Java
Status: The work was done for the Institute of Maritime Technology (IMT) and the system if operational with the SAN as part of the Maritime Domain Awareness Centres (MDAC’s).

Various Training Simulators

CAD has developed various training simulators including (but limited to) naval bridge simulator, helicopter flight simulator, fixed wing flight trainer, airborne optical sensor simulator, and helicopter flight deck lander simulator. All control and simulation software for these products is designed and developed by Cybicom. The simulators are all developed with a command and control simulation engine at their core to allow the instructor to control and modify the scenario on the fly.

Environment: Stage, VAPS XT, Creator, Vega Prime, Terra Vista, C++
Status: Various confidential clients since 2006.


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