Big-Company Capabilities, Small-Company Attention

Turnkey Solution Design and Development

Every business has a unique set of needs and problems our strength lies in our ability to translate these needs into formal software requirements, which in turn can be converted into an accurate system design allowing for the development of your exact solution.

Migration of Legacy Systems

We realize the importance of historical data and our legacy migration methodology demands a full understanding of the legacy systems during the development of the target system. Our process ensures that legacy and target systems do not need to be operated simultaneously and quality of data is ensured.

Modeling and Simulation Solutions

We have developed simulation models for a wide range of requirements including disaster recovery of a national cellular network, ship motion models, flight models for aircraft, tactical level wargames, etc. Our physics, mathematics and computer programming specialists will be able to provide an advanced simulation model for your specific needs

Structure, Planned and Managed Projects

Our project managers are able to empower your project with professional project management tools, processes and documentation. Detailed planning and proactive management of your development schedule ensures your project finishes on time and to budget.