ProjectsNavigation Sensor Emulator (NSE)

Visual C++
The South African Navy

The Navigation Sensor Emulator (NSE) has been developed in conjunction with the South African Navy as a test tool to emulate the navigation sensors onboard the SAN 209 Class Submarines. It is an interface emulator capable of doing dynamic and static simulations of the submarines navigational sensors. The NSE is of a modular design and is housed in ruggedized containers so that it is man transportable.

The primary function of the navigation data management component of the submarine is to provide an operator with the ability to perform tolerance testing of this interface. Below is a list of some of the functions available to the operator in order to test the interface:

  • Define the contents of each telegram on the interface at field level.
  • Define the telegram transmission rate of each telegram.
  • Automatically vary the telegram transmission rate of each telegram.
  • Dynamically vary the values of one or more fields within a telegram.
  • Induce noise for one or more fields within a telegram.
  • Induce data corruption at regular or random intervals.

In addition to its function as a test tool on-board the submarine the NSE is designed to be incorporated in the Engineering Test Bed (ETB) facility. As a component of the ETB the NSE provides two capabilities. It provides ISUS with navigation data as well as interfaces with PSIM to form a team trainer.